Want to fill your your client docket, fill your heart, fill your life?

Well, you just need to add little charm, charisma, and delight into your day-to-day. It’s time to amp up your flirtation ratio. Take note though, I’m not talking about flirting with anyone other than…your sweet self (and, also, your main squeeze). In honor of the holiday, here are a few ideas.

♥ Laugh…every hour or so. With your team, your clients, your family, your honey, etc. Can’t muster a giggle? At least pony up a smile.

♥ Amp up the charm. Don’t now how? It’s easy. Laugh (see above). Listen. Really listen. Support people in their ideas and dreams. Being interested is half the secret.

♥ In whatever way you thank best (handwritten notes, quick texts, songs), do it often.

♥ Send a little sumthin’ sumthin. Is your client having a bash? How about some hand-dipped chocolates for the team. Best friend in the dumps? Flowers are a salve.

♥ Celebrate. Often. A deeper dive on this lesson later this year, but for now, what your next closest milestone this week? I challenge you to celebrate it. However you want.

♥ Hugs, foot rubs, and tickles. You get it. Don’t lose sight of their power.

♥ Dress your finest. When you’re standing in front of your wardrobe, consider your day and then ask what would make you stand out. Then wear it. Yes, even for your team Skype calls.

♥ Keep your nails done and eyebrows shaped. Automatic upgrade.

♥ Heels and platforms.

♥ Take yourself out. On a date. Shamelessly.

♥ Just be. Trust me, the charm and charisma is going to tank if you don’t take it easy, relax, and make time for you. Happiness is a skill and self-care and time are the sustenance.

Now I KNOW you’ve got more to add here. You know where to comment. Deep laughs and hugs, ladies. Deep laughs and hugs.

January: New Website Launch + Milestones

Happy new year! Let’s start off with just a Santa Claus-sized sack full of love for each of you. Thank you for being part of what I’m up to. I have a few little things to share…

#1. My new website: launched.

#2. Here’s how I’m playing in 2015: I’m releasing once-a-month blog posts with my most laser focused insight on the topic du mois.  Head to the site to see the curriculum for this year—along with a couple of exciting things I’ll release or announce throughout.

#3. This year’s goal: double last year + we’ve got a great year ahead! I’ve seen your excitement on Facebook and Insta to set and hit your goals, and I know you can. Last year, I set a goal of six-figures during my first full-time and focused year. I hit it in October! It was a cool moment and a testament to what happens when you set your mind to something.

This year’s goal is to double that success. I’m still focused on my marketing clients, but I’m adding in more writing, speaking, coaching, and masterminding (this year I’m participating in my mentor Nisha Moodley’s program; in 2016, I’m leading my own).

#4. If six figures is your goal this year, below are a few of my favorite tips and lessons learned:

::: You have to clear out your inner mind. This book is, by far, the most succinct and clear one I’ve read on the topic. While a few things don’t quite align with my beliefs and philosophies, I would say 85% of it was spot on for me. There were also a few paradigm shifts that were critical. I’ll share them on Twitter (#ShiftInto2015) over the next few days.

:: Focus, focus, focus. Interestingly, the more you focus, the more life opens up to you. In 2014, I got laser focused on what I want: my role with my clients, my next two years, my next five years, and the next decade. Not from a place of force, but from a place of asking what’s inside of me that needs to be let out. It’s been absolutely amazing ever since. And just when I thought life couldn’t get any more focused, you should see how 2015 looks!

: ONCE you find that focus, start saying, “No.” The second you begin to ask and discover what’s inside of you that needs to be born, expressed, or come to fruition, something magical starts to happen. Also, something scary. Because it’s about that time when opportunities begin flooding your life that you have to decide if you’re still going for the gold or if you’re willing to be sidetracked.

Once you find your focus, you’ll also find yourself limiting more. This year, I’ve already said “No” to at least a dozen opportunities (some big, some small) that aren’t 100% aligned with my goals. You will too. Clarity builds on clarity.

#4. Now, for the final goodness. I’m teaching my first online workshop devoted to your six-figure year. I’ll reveal everything from my year, including the actual numbers, the process of building (and exactly how I did it), lessons learned, and the paradigm shifts that were completely key to doubling my business in 12-months. It’s $59, takes place January 31, and the recording will be available for a month after. Truly, I’m devoting this offering to your success this year. Join me if it feels right.

So many wishes for your success and happiness,


The Messy Middle

You owe it to yourself to move through the messy middle as fast as you can!

What do I mean?

Have a mediocre business, income, body, lifestyle?

Why waste another blessed moment living the exact same way?

You owe it to yourself to move through the messy middle as quickly as possible.

There’s not many things more satisfying, to me at least, than pushing my business, pushing my income, and pushing my body gently into excellence. Getting through that messy middle only increases your influence, your ability to scale, your ability to touch lives, your status.

Think of how many times you’ve said to yourself, “I’ve just got to talk to my friend about how she’s built a $47,000 a year business by working 40 hours per week over the last five years!”

Chances are, not often. Chances are better that you’re seeking after the women who have pushed into six-figures or seven-figures and beyond, all the while working less, exercising more, and maybe even spending more times with their kids. You want your own version of what they have.

Well, ladies, they did it by pushing through the messy middle and that’s exactly what I hope you’ll inspire yourself to do as well.

Once more. You owe it to yourself to move through, push through, and easily go through the messy middle as fast as you can.


Coming up soon: 6-Figures in A Year.  

Don’t Remove the Hustle

You know the exercise. If you had all the money in the world and could do anything you want, what would it be?

I take issue with this because it removes the hustle. Honestly, I might be tempted to board a 40-year cruise and call it good. So, let’s tweak this question ever so slightly and add the cash back in.

Riff on this: if you got paid your top rate (let’s just throw $10K an hour out there to make sure we cover most of you top performers) and it could BE. FOR. ANYTHING, what would that be? Don’t worry about it being silly, small, or vain. Just let it be. Have creative fun with it.

If you’re so inclined, plant the seed. Let’s see if we can nurture it to grow.

Take Five

Sister friends.

Sometimes you’re not going to wanna do it.

You won’t be in the mood to work, create, live up to your potential, draw on your core desired feelings.

I write this post in one of those moments.

That’s okay.

If it’s the minority feeling, honor it. Can you squeeze in five minutes of the task at hand (like I’m doing now…as I’m counting down the seconds until bedtime)? Or should you let it rest and try again later?

If it’s the majority feeling, it’s time to change something up. Probably in a major way. Don’t take too long.

Half the battle of owning our own businesses is getting beyond ourselves. Sometimes we just won’t wanna do it. But sometimes we take five minutes and do what we can anyway.

Three Lessons Learned from My First 2HD Workshop

Granted. It was a collaborative workshop with many other lady entrepreneurs also speed-teaching on their areas of expertise. Still, it was cool!

Here were my three takeaways:

1. Speaking is good for business. If you’re down to do it, do it.

2. Need to start? Begin with a goal of a couple engagements this year. That was my starting goal. Now I’m hooked and ready for more.

3. Do you know your ideal crowd size? Make sure to play to that. Small groups work just fine for me, but the bigger the crowd the better.

More tips? Share ‘em below!

What Do You Want to Know?

Send me your questions! I’ll do a rapid fire Q & A and answer every single one.

The Discomfort of Starting Out

I have a feeling that many of my readers are just starting out. In addition to opening the doors to their first business, that may also mean starting out with: a partnership, venture, service offering, product line, book, speaking circuit, etc. You may feel



stressed out,






and like your whole life is hanging by a thread.

All. Of. The. Time.

At first.

But, hold tight because you’ll push through it, work through it, and keep on keeping on. Those feelings will eventually turn to





and like it would almost be harder to get back to your starting point than it would be to keep moving towards the next level.

Plus, remember, if your first attempt really doesn’t work out, it’s okay. It just gets you one step closer to your next move.

Two Lines for This Week

1. The world needs more kind, good, and powerful women.

2. Rise up. Please, you’re needed.

How I Got on

Every now and then I get an e-mail in my inbox asking how I was published on

Here are the exact steps that I took:

1. I cold pitched an editor who covered topics that I like to write about. 

2. I followed up with that same editor two months later, and she wrote back within minutes with a, “No, thanks.”  But minutes later she wrote again and said to try another editor who covered entrepreneurship. 

3. I e-mailed the new editor on the spot with an improved version of my original pitch. 

4. Almost exactly two months later, I followed up. “I’d  love to write this piece for you and just wanted to follow up and see if you’re interested. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.”

5. My new editor wrote the same day and said to write it. But, “as a guest post (which wouldn’t pay you anything – how’s that for cheery?).”

6. We went back and forth and fleshed out the idea, and I asked if it would make a good story for the print magazine. He said, “Maybe,” and we settled on a guest post to start. Due dates assigned.

7. Eight weeks later I submitted the finished piece. 

8. Four days later it was published here.

Start to finish: four months.

Moral of the story: be bold, be persistent, and keep following upand celebrate lucky breaks!

As for There’s more to come there!